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San Francisco Strippers vs Strip Club

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Reasons why our Bay Area Strippers should be your #1 choice
Why sit on your hands with 50 guys you don't even know! 
San Francisco StrippersBay Area Strippers makes it a night to remember. Its just you, your buddies and the hottest female strippers that the Bay Area has to offer.
  • San Francisco Strippers Bay Area Strippers - Average Show 1.5 hrs. and can be longer depending on girls schedules, tipping and crowd participation.
  • The typical bachelor party group is about 8-10 guys, so at a
  • Strip Club- Its typically going to cost you a $20 door fee per person
  • Strip Club- 3 drink minimum. Anywhere between $8 - $ 10 a drink plus tips.
  • Let's just say each guy tips $5 minimum just to see the dancers up close. In a hour and a half there is typically 10-15 dancers. 
  • Then add lap dances. Which are $20 to $50 each or more.
  • If you add a VIP room for yourself or the bachelor, there is no telling what your bill will look like afterwards, but it won't be cheap.
If you even do a rough estimate, its clear to see why you should choose San Francisco Strippers in the Bay. Competitive rates in the business and we will even beat our competition by offering an additional $25 off of their rates.
On top of this, at a strip club you do not get to touch the girls or get up close and personal. You have to practically sit on your hands and watch from a distance along with 50 other men you don't even know. There is no such thing as a real live porn show , real girl on girl toy action. You are just another face in the crowd. A strip club is not very personal or private. Plus for your special night, aren't strip clubs just an everyday occurrence? You can go to one any day of the week. Is this how you want to send the Bachelor out at his last night of being a free man and how you want to spend your hard-earned money? Also, when driving home from the clubs, everyone is put at risk. They risk getting pulled over for a DUI and they risk losing their own lives as well as others. The temptation to drink and drive can set everyone back beyond their wallets.

San Francisco Strippers To You

With us, you can have two of our hottest dancers of your choice or preference, your own unlimited drinks and total hands-on crowd participation up close and personal. It will be just you and your buddies and the 2 babes in the privacy of your own residence, hotel or party bus. You won't have a bouncer looking over your shoulder, each guy can get lap dances AND VIP treatment! You can have it all and more for less then you would at a strip club! And when it's all over, if you can't drive, at least you are at your buddy's house to crash for the night or stay until you sober up.